Circulars Issued during January 2017 pertaining to Employees’ Welfare

1) Ref:CO/PER/ER-A/147/2017 dated 06.01.2017

Pay Fixation of Ex-Servicemen Re-employed with LIC of India on or after 01.01.2008.

2) Ref: PER/AND/EQ dated 12.01.2017

For completion of further Education Qualifications of HSC(PUC)/Degree Program/Course, the time period
allowed was restricted to the duration of the Course as per earlier C.O Letter Ref: CO/PER/ADMN/EQ dated 24.09.2015.
Now time restriction has been removed and is applicable with immediate effect. Even this relaxation would be applicable for permission taken before 17/07/14 too.
Further, the ‘b’ part (b) Institution/University should be approved/recognized by UGC and also,
conforming to Rules/Regulations issued by UGC from time to time] of the C.O. Letter dated 24.09.2015
will continue.

3) Ref: Mktg./ZD/01/2017 dated 18.01.2017

Reimbursement of Mobile Set to Development Officers for Office purpose up to Rs.8000/- or actual cost,
whichever is less.

4) Ref: CO/Per/MPPR/1/2017 dated 19.01.2017 –

No interviews in new recruitment of Cl.III & IV Cadres.
The above Circular pertains to Revision of L.I.C of India (Recruitment of Class III & IV Staff) Instructions,
1993 – Discontinuation of Interview of Class III and IV.
However, there will be two examination preliminary and main examinations. On clearing the Preliminary Test, candidates would be eligible for Main Examination. For trade Post like Steno, Typist, after clearing preliminary test, they would have to appear for Trade Test instead of Main Examination. Successful
candidates would be shortlisted from the main/trade test accordingly.

5) Ref: CO/PER/ER-A/148/2017 dated 21st January 2017 –

Revision of Income Limit on Dependents with regard to Group Mediclaim Scheme.
The dependent limit has been increased from Rs.3500/- to 9000/- to the total combined income of dependent parents. The same will apply to the dependent parents-in-laws.

6) Ref: CO/Per/ER-A/149/2017 dated 27th January 2017 –

Coverage of Temporary employees under E.S.I. Scheme – Revision of Wage limit for coverage With the above Circular, the wage limit for coverage shall beRs.21,000/- p.m.


All India Life represented by Shri Manohar Viegas, General Secretary, Shri Ganesh Nayak, Joint Secretary, Shri B.T. Khandekar, President, Mumbai D.O. Unit-I and Shri Arun Mane, Mumbai Unit met
Shri Sharad Shrivastva, E.D.(Personnel), Ms. T.S. Hindoyar, Chief (Personnel) and Shri M.C.Chaturvedi, Secretary (ER) on 18th January 2017 at CO/Mumbai. The following issues were discussed.

1) Conveys the bitter feelings of the LIC Employees at Ground Level:

At the beginning of the discussions itself, All India Life Delegation didn’t mince words in conveying the feelings of the employees at the ground level.

a) Expresses strong resentment and anger over non-fulfillment of assurances pertaining to last wage settlement, mainly 5 Days Week.
b) No Information Sharing Session with the Employees’ Representatives since the last wage settlement
c) Lowered the morale and created a feeling of mistrust by efforts to push TMP through various methods.
d) Diamond Jubilee Year passed out without any mementos to the employees.

2) Management’s Admission and Defensive to the feelings of the Employees:

I) On Agreed Pending Benefits ;

At the outset,Shri Sharad Srivastav,E.D.(P) while reacting to the All India Life Delegation concern on behalf of the employees, admitted that the issue of 5 Days Week as per GIPSA,Accumulation up to 270 days and Paternity Leave which were agreed in principle during the last wage settlement could not be notified till date due to inordinate delay by the Ministry in taking a decision to that effect.

Management also admitted that though the 5 Days Week in lines with the Insurance Industry was proposed and recommended to the Ministry, certain political affiliated representatives recommendations were done for having the 5 Days Week as per Bank Pattern.

All India Life strongly opposed such pattern and made it clear to the Management that they will not accept the Banking Pattern, since we have been delinked with the Banking Industry during the last wage settlement in all aspects. Only the GIPSA pattern as per the understanding during the Wage Settlement would be accepted to All
India Life.

All India Life Delegation asked the Management to vigorously pursue the approval of 5 Days Week from the Ministry soon. Management assured the Delegation that to put the 5 Days
Week Proposal on a fast track, they have just recently delinked the other Benefits namely PL Accumulation up to 270 Days & Paternity Leave
from the same. Similarly, the Delegation was informed that the Managing Director, Smt. Usha Sangwan has been pursuing the same every time during the meetings with the Ministry.

ii) On Information Sharing –

Management admitted that because of the
vacuum in the top Management,Information
Sharing Session could not be held but by now having a Chairman in place, they were hopeful of calling an Information Sharing Session soon.

iii) Regarding TMP & Staff Strength Formula –

Management explained their stand that for smooth functioning of Offices at various places, there was a need to deploy the staff and for the same a standard staff strength formula had
become necessary, for having a long term policy in LIC.

All India Life strongly opposed to the views of the Management and once again made it clear to the Management that only Recruitment of Class III & IV is the answer to the Office requirements.

The Delegation brought it to the notice of the Management that when the average age of Class III & IV Employees is nearly 52 years, in the interest of the Institution itself, they should not
think of implementing such schemes that only demoralizes the employees, far from increasing the productivity of such group.

iv) On Diamond Jubilee Memento –

Management did admit that a Committee was formed during August 2016 to look in to the same for recommending Mementos to the Employees. Subsequently, LIC had to prepare itself for a huge unforeseen financialcommitment and had to earmark Rs.363 crore towards CGIT Court Case and nearly 80 crore towards the Pensioners’ Court Case.

All India Life Delegation however made it very clear to the Management that the employees deserved to be given the Memento suiting the occasion, and late would be better than never. Similarly, LIC is performing very well. However,
such attitude will only bring down the morale of the employees and will not convey a healthy picture outside the Organization. Management however did not commit on this.

On Bonus Payment to Eligible Employees:

All India Life expressed concern over theinordinate delay in getting the reply to the clarification sought with the Ministry.Management confirmed that they are expecting reply from the Ministry soon on percentage over the eligible amount for payment of Bonus for the
Year 2014-15 & 2015-16.

Our Demand for Revision of SDA to N.E. Region :
All India Life Delegation once again raised the issue of Revision in Special Duty Allowance to North-East Region. Shri Sharad Shrivastva, E.D.(P) asked Shri M.C. Chaturvedi, Secretary
(ER) to throw light on the latest development with regard to this issue. The Secretary (ER) informed the Delegation that for the Central
Government Employees, a Committee has been formed to decide on the revision of the same. We were assured that once the Revision is effected in Central Government, LIC Management will initiate the process for the same. Management also informed that the Central Government employees are getting the
SDA in accordance with the rates revised during the Fifth Pay Commission.

5)LIC HFL – Proposed for having clubbing Cadre & Ext. Cade Loan and Cadre Loan Interest–

In view of the downward Housing Loan Interest Rates.
All India Life Delegation put forward a proposal to the Management for clubbing the current Cadre loan and Extended Cadre Loan as a total Cadre Loan and interest rate pertaining to Cadre
loan be only taken.
Management replied, for such changes, once again a new scheme needs to be floated and formulated with LIC Housing. However, the Management has noted and assured to rethink of the same at the appropriate time.

6) Discussion on Agra Issue –

All India Life Delegation initiated a detail discussion on Agra Issue. We told the C.O.Management that the Agra Divisional Management has misused its powers and far from giving justice to our Office-bearers, has levied penalty against them, which isunfortunate and wanted complete justice

7) Fire Incident at Agra D.O. Building –
Regarding the fire incident at Agra D.O premises,

We pointed out that this unfortunate incident clearly exposes the negligence of the Divisional Management in preventing such major unfortunate incident.
Our Delegation pointed out that we have
information that the Fire Safety Equipments were just two years old and secondly these equipments failed to respond when the incident occurred. Management responded saying that an enquiry Committee has been set up and is
looking in to the incident and the report given by the Committee would be looked in to.

8) Other Issues –

Final Pension Option – Management assured the Delegation that after having discussion with the Ministry a proposal for the same would once again be put up.
Allowances/Benefits deprived to Class 3 & 4 – All India Life Delegation also stressed upon the Management for a Draft to extend all the Allowances/Benefits to Class 3 & 4. However, Management’s response was not encouraging on this issue.

LIC HFL Subsidy Payment –

It was pointed out to the Management that most of the employees had to still wait for the subsidy amount for nearly 6 months or more. Our Delegation wanted to know as to why the error-free subsidy
module was not in place. Management
admitted to have a statistics, where only in fewcases, such subsidy payment is pending.However, they noted the same, when it was pointed out that the fact is otherwise.

Biometrics –

All India Life Delegation pointed
out to the Management that there should have been a proper discussion before going for implementing the 2 factor Biometricauthentication. Even the implementation process is being done in various Zones as per Class-wise, Union-wise, which is highlyregrettable. Management admitted of receiving the feedback but assured that proper
instructions would be given accordingly.
The Delegation also touched the issues on LIC’s New Sports Policy, discussed on issue of Temporary Assistants, CGIT case,inconvenience caused to receive Technical Allowances on passing MBA Degree.
Friends, All India Life will continue to protect the interest of its employees and pursue the pending issues till they are resolved