Clarification on Transfer and Mobility policy

President: Baburao Humraskar Chairman: Oscar Fernandes Gen. Secretary: S. Rajkumar
Date: 15th March 2017

There appears to be a lot of confusion on TMP at the operational level. The following clarification is issued so that our leaders at Zonal/ Divisional levels can negotiate in a better way.
1. First we have to understand that there are two different documents. One is the policy approved by board which is placed in the website, which is the base document.
Even some SDMs refer it as a draft. But it is not so. It is the policy approved by the
board and is the basic document.
2. Second one is the administrative instructions issued by the Personnel Department (Circular No. ZD/329 dated 22.10.2016) for the convenience of implementation. It is the interpretation of the policy.
3. In the circular it is clearly mentioned that CO only can interpret the policy (point no. 11) Neither ZO nor DO can interpret the circular/policy and for any clarification they should refer to CO.
4. No shuffling is required even after6/ 8/10 years if there is no incoming request. As per the approved policy the Officer can be transferred even after 3 years if there is incoming request (25 c) without resorting to 6/8/10 years. However this part is avoided in the administrative instructions which means, CO do not want to enforce this due to practical limitations. We have also specifically demanded that no shuffling should be done before completing 2 NPP. So please ensure that no shuffling is
done before 6 years, even if incoming request is there and whenever shuffling is done, it should be done only to the extend of accommodate the incoming request and strictly on seniority basis. However this may cause inconvenience to those who has gone on promotion and situation may arise in some places where officers may not be able to return even after 3 years. So a balanced and practical view has to be taken, considering the request from both sides.
5. If a person is posted at a place, other than that of his/her choice (out of 3) it will be treated as Administrative transfer, which means they will be eligible for all benefits including transfer grant. Moreover, their seniority will count from the date of earlier transfer and not from the present one. Accordingly they will get preference to their choice place in the next round itself, even after one year. This aspect is not known to even many managers and so has to be properly emphasized.
6. Request transfer can be considered even after 1 year if vacancies are available to the requested place, as per the administrative instructions. But uniformity has to be maintained in this to avoid Nepotism and hence a common strategy should be
adopted in the Division/Zone in consultation with P&IR and Federation. It can be 2 years for Officers on Administrative side and 3 years for Marketing (if specific situation are not there). Wherever transfers are given after 1 year, the same practice can be continued. TMP is not a tool to deny benefits ,but to bring uniformity and also to help people. So interpretation should be done in favor of the employee.
7. Transfer on health ground will be considered only for self, spouse and children. The disease mentioned in the high cost treatment portfolio is already allowed. However we have to pursue for other related serious illnesses, depending on the seriousness of the situation. There is no point in asking transfer for being diabetic, hypertensive and for back pain as you may not find much officer without any of these as the average age is around 50.
8. Officers aged 58 and above shall be retained even on promotion if vacancy is available. That does not mean that they should not be given transfer to their place of choice, if they are otherwise eligible.. As a principle, they should be allowed to retire from their place of choice if vacancies are available.

9. Please remember that no discretionary power is given to SDM. Even ZM have discretionary power only for transfers within the Zone up to BM/AO cadre, and all other discretionary powers are vested with CO (EDP, MD and Chairman). So any attempt to misinterpret the policy at these levels should be opposed.
10.There is a grievance redressal mechanism. For ADM and SBM it is MD, and Chairman for DM and above. For other cadres ZM is for only postings made within Divisions and for all others it is EDP. Grievance has to be filed within 7 days. So if there is a violation of the policy appeal should be given to the designated official.
11.The identification of vacancies, preparation of seniority list extra are going on in CO. Once this is ready it will be available in the respective P& IR sites. However this may take some more time. If it is not possible to implement in this year we have to be more vigilant. We are demanding that all officers should be given request transfer after 2 years, if vacancies are available to the requested place. All zonal and divisional units should maintain the same stand.
We have tried to address the basic concerns and doubts expressed by our members.
The corporate office has made it clear that TMP is not a tool to harass any one and the intention is to help officers. Unfortunately this aspect is ignored by some at the operational level. This caused difficulty in a few divisions last year. The DO/ZO have to follow the administrative instructions only and if any doubt arises, has to refer to CO,
rather than interpreting it according to the whims and fancies of the in charges. The role of Divisional and Zonal units are very important in ensuring fair deal to our officers.
So interact with your zonal and divisional management from now on words and extract
the best out of them.
With Regards,

General Secretary

Leave Travel Concession-Change in Home-Town

Department: Personnel/ER/A 16.03.2017
Ref: CO/Per/ER-A/CL41


Reference is invited to LIC of India. Leave Travel Concession) Instructions, 1994, clause 4, which provides that the Competent Authority may in exceptional circumstances accept a change in home-town only once during the entire service period of an employee.
It is hereby clarified that Sr. /Divisional Manager (In-Charge) shall consider the request for change of home-town for all classes of employees working under him in the Division

Chief (Personnel)



The Senior Divisional Manager
L.I.C of India
Divisional Office
Dear Sir,


We would like to inform you that our Joint Front Delegation yesterday met
Executive Director (P) and submitted a Joint Letter on the proposed agitation program this month.
In fact, the circumstances has forced us to chalk out the agitation program after Management failed to respond in spite of the sufficient time and co- operation extended by the Unions/Associations to resolve the pending issues for nearly past 17 months mainly on notification of 5 days a week. Similarly, no sincere effort is being made to clinch one more option for Pension. At the same time, Management’s unilateral imposition of TMP on its employees/officers, is not in the interest of our Corporation and highly unacceptable.

Now the Joint Front is compelled to take up the agitation program with “No extra
co-operation” from 20th March 2017. Our employees/officers will not work outside office hours and Cash Collection after Cash hours, which please note. We may also be constrained to go on a Mass Casual Leave on 31st March if this stalemate continues.




To all employees & Officers,
The Joint front consisting of NOIN0(BMS), NOW(BMS) & BVKS had a meeting on 2.3.2017 to decide about the action plan to resolve the pending issues of

a) 5 days’ a week

b) one more option for pension &

c) unilateral imposition of TMP & our opposition to it.

A feature of this meeting was that three more unions joined this joint front. The unions are

a) All India Life Insurance Employees’ Association (AILIEA)
b) All India National Life Insurance Employees” Federation (AINLIEF-INTUC)
c) All India National Life insurance Officers’ Congress (ANLIOC-INTUC).

With this, the joint front has become stronger now.
The meeting of this six unions was unanimous in expressing deep disappointment & resentment that the management did not utter a word on the pending issues of 5 days’ a week & one more pension option in the Information Sharing Session conducted on 27th February 2017. It was frustrating to see that there was not even a briefing on what efforts were made on the part of the management to resolve these issues.
In this background, it was decided to intensify our agitation. The broad consensus was to go for no extra co-operation meaning, not to work outside office hours. It was also decided to go on Mass CL on a mutually accepted date. The relevant dates of this agitation will be informed shortly. It was also decided to create awareness among the employees about our agitation.

The Joint front constituents would meet shortly to fine-tune the various aspects of the agitation.

Through this circular, we also appeal to all other unions to join the movement & strengthen it.