PL limit extended

As per Government Of India Notification bearing number 326 dated 28.4.2017 following benefits are added for employees of LIC of India.

1, Maximum accumulation of P.L. to credit of leave account is increased to 270 days (in place of 240 days earlier)

2. Introduction of new leave named as paternity leave to male employees in service.

Following are some of the conditions..

(1) The competent authority may grant to a male employee having less than two
surviving children, paternity leave for a period of 15 days during the confinement of his wife.

(2) The Paternity Leave may be combined with leave of any other kind except Casual Leave.

(3) The Paternity Leave shall not be debited against the leave account.

(4) The Paternity Leave shall be utilised by the employee within a period of six months from the date of delivery of the Child and may be applied within a period of 15 days before the expiry of the said period of six months.

(5) An application for Paternity Leave which does not satisfy the requirements of sub-rule (4) shall be refused
without assigning any reason.”.

6. In rule 69 of the said rules, in sub-rule (5), for the words “and Quarantine Leave” the words “Quarantine Leave and
Paternity Leave” at both the places shall be substituted.

Cir. No.19/2017

Dear Friends,


            The final round of Charter Sub-Committee Meeting will be held on 24th & 25th April 2017 at Bengaluru.  The Committee after finalizing the draft would be circulating the same to all Units for further suggestions and opinions before submitting the same to the Management.



          We are given to understand that Management has still not initiated the process for implementation of the Supreme Court verdict related to CGIT Case of Badli/Temporary Employees.  You may be aware that All India Life had served a Legal Notice dated 15.03.2017 asking the Management to implement the Supreme Court Judgment dated 9th August 2016 at the earliest.



            We would like to remind the remaining Units, who have yet to transfer the Initial Fund to All India Life, may do the same latest by 2nd May 2017.  A Special Circular “KANCHANJUNGA EXPRESS” will be circulated on 3rd May 2017 mentioning the names of the Units & their Initial Fund contribution.  Meanwhile, the printing of the Advertisement Tariffs & Donation Coupon Books is under progress and would be dispatched soon.



The Joint Front Delegation consisting of 6 Associations/Unions namely NOINO, BVKS,NOIW/BMS, ALL INDIA LIFE (HMS), AINLIEF (INTUC),AINLIOC (INTUC) met Shri Sharad Shrivastva, ED(P) on 16.03.2017 and submitted a Joint Letter.
It was brought to the notice of the Management that employees are dejected by the casual approach on long pending agreed issues like the 5 Days a Week. Similarly, no serious effort is being made for one more pension option and unilateral decision being taken on TMP, against the feelings of the
employees and interest of the Corporation.

The Joint Front Delegation mentioned that they expected some positive developments on pending
benefits during 27 February 2017 Information Sharing Session. But the outcome of that Session has now forced the Joint Front to give a call to all employees & officers for no extra co-operation after Office hours from 20th March and if stalemate continues, would be constrained to go on Mass Casual Leave on 31st March 2017.
Since then after 20th March 2017, E.D.(P) held series of discussions with the Joint Front and during these meetings informed that the concern of the Joint Front has been conveyed to the Finance
Ministry personally by the LIC Officials. But Joint Front Delegation insisted they wanted the
Management to follow up the pending issues on priority basis with firm assurances.
On 30th March 2017 morning again talks were held with E.D.(P) & his team. Then Shri Hemant Bhargava, Managing Director invited the Joint Front Delegation to break the impasse in the presence of Shri Sharad Shrivastva, E.D.(P) and his ER Team.
The Joint Front Delegation had a detail discussion with the Managing Director. At the outset, he appealed to the leaders to withdraw the ongoing agitation in light of the situation prevailing in the industry with regards to the business.
The Delegation responded by saying that they represented a matured & responsible trade union
and was equally concerned with the wellbeing & prosperity of the Industry. It was pointed out that
they waited patiently for more than 17 months for the management to honor its written commitment
on the issue of 5 Days a Week. The Delegation also reminded the management that in the previous wage revision, the management had promised to consider granting one more (final) option for pension after conclusion of that wage revision, a commitment that has not been fulfilled so far.
The Delegation also minced no words in pointing out that the recent happenings gave an
impression to the employees that the management was not serious about these issues. The employees
were waiting with all their patience about some updates in the Information Sharing session on 27th
February 2017. However, they were sorely disappointed when these contentious issues failed to find a mention in the Chairman’s speech. It was also pointed out that this impression was further strengthened because of the fact that there was no correspondence to the to the Department of Financial Services on the issue of pension option for more than three years. Thus, after waiting for a considerable period of time, if it was decided to resort to peaceful & democratic means of agitation, the Associations/Unions were entitled to do so.

Demonstration across different Zones

Shri Hemant Bhargava, M.D. then informed the Delegation that management was serious about the commitment given in these issues. He listed out some of the recent efforts recently (after our
agitation started) to address the issue of 5 days a week. He also made it amply clear that management
is firm on the parity within the insurance industry (meaning GIC pattern of weekly off). He also
maintained that once the issue was sent for notification to the Government, now it would not be
possible for the management to issue instructions on its own. He also informed that the Finance
Ministry has been intimated about the ongoing agitation of the joint front on these three issues. In
reply, the Finance Ministry has also sought details about our agitation & the issues concerned.
It was also informed that GIC has given a formal proposal for pension option. The Delegation in reply insisted that LIC should also take up the matter formally. The management has agreed to do so.
On TMP, Shri Hemant Bhargava said that it would not be used as a tool to harass anybody. The
Delegation responded by saying that the management had not kept its commitment of inviting the unions for discussions on this subject before issuing instructions. It was suggested that as the situation in each Zone is different & the decision making has been largely delegated to the Zonal Managers, instructions should be given to all Zones to conduct Information Sharing meeting on this
issue & evolve a consensus. The MD agreed to this suggestion and said that he would be shortly talking
to the Zonal Managers.
The Delegation then on the appeal made by M.D for withdrawal of all agitations, insisted on the
writing assurance on the issues concerned, which was subsequently given. The letter also takes in to
cognizance the sentiments of the people. It also states about the recent efforts on these issues. It
also contains the standing by the commitment & regular follow-up with ministry officials for early
resolution of all pending issues including 5 days week & final option for pension.
The Joint Front in its immediately held review meeting decided to suspend all its agitation program. It was also agreed to have mutual consultations and decide about the future strategy
to resolve these pending issues at the earliest.