Information shared by WZO with regard to LIC’s move in Absorption process of temporary employees LIC .

Dear Friends,

Today, Shri Ganesh Nayak & Shri B.T. Khandekar had a meeting with the WZO Management today
since the entire CO/ER team is attending the Parliamentary Committee Meeting at Bengaluru. The WZO
Management informed that:­

a) LIC has received 11875 applications in response to the newspaper notification during July 2015. Out of which, 3625 belongs to WZO.  These are the applications from 20.05.1985 to 04.03.1991.
b) Zonal Of ice will be forming a 3 Member Committee to scrutinize & segregate the applications.
c) The Criteria for selecting the applications will be as under:­
i) The applicant should be a petitioner.
ii) Should have applied to the LIC Newspaper Advertisement notified during July 2015.
iii) Should have been a petitioner in the Supreme Court also.
d) On fulfillment of the above criteria, a list of candidates would be prepared and forwarded to the
respective Divisional Of ices.
e) A 3 Member Committee will be formed at Divisional Of ices.
f) The Candidates on the list will be provided with a Form to be filled in along with the required
g) The onus of having worked in LIC during the said period will be on the candidates only.
h) The candidates will be informed about the date & timings for submitting the forms and for verification of records.
i)After the clearance from the Committee, the candidates will have to undergo mdical test.
j)Zonal Ofice will try to complete the process by 31st  August 2017.
k) Regarding query on names if missed from the list, for those who applied to LIC’s advertisement or
application returned back, it was mentioned that C.O could reply this query.



Fill format to stake claim

1991 के उपरांत क्लास-4 संवर्ग में कम से कम 70 दिन व क्लास-3 संवर्ग में कम से कम 85 दिन की अस्थायी सेवा देने वाले व्यक्तियों की कानूनी लड़ाई की शुरुआत होने जा रही है। जो लोग इस प्रक्रिया में अपना दावा प्रस्तुत करना चाहते हैं, वे लोग यह प्रपत्र भर कर निम्नलिखित पते पर शीघ्रातिशीघ्र भेज दें।

Those persons, who served LIC for 70 days in Class-4 cadre and 85 days in Class-3 cadre, may stake their claim in Supreme Court. To enlist your name in panel, please fill this Format and send it to following address:

Mr. Azhar Jamal Siddiqui
46, Nazirabad Road, Aminabad
Lucknow. UP PIN-226018

Absorption of “Temporary Employees” in LIC as per CGIT judgement & Supreme Court order

In this regard, Central Office has given instructions to the Zonal Offices by Vedio Conferencing and following information is provided by the concerned Zonal authorities of NCZO, Kanpur :-

1.) Only those Temporary Employees will be absorbed, who had worked in the corporation from 20.05.1985 to 04.03.1991 (both dates inclusive).

2.) For Class III minimum 85 days working is required & for Class IV minimum 70 days working is required.

3.) Besides that, Only those Temporary Employees are eligible who were petitioner in the I.D. No. 27 of 1991 in CGIT, New Delhi.

4.) Earlier on 21.07.2015 the corporation has issued Notification for such Temporary Employees, by which 11708 applications were received by the central office from all over India (out of which 903 applications were from NCZO).  Now the various lists of Temporary Employees received by the NCZO from CO has approximately 1500 names.

Notification in this regard will be issued very soon.

(Raghubir Singh)
Zonal Secretary
All India Life
NCZO Kanpur