Talks with the Management on Pending Demands.

All India Life Delegation represented by S/Sh. Manohar Viegas, Kalapi Desai and S.S. Jain, General Secretary, Vice­President and General Secretary of Co­Ordination committee Delhi respectively met with the LIC Management represented by Sh. Sharad Shrivastva, ED(P) on 25/05/2017 and discussed on the implementation of the directions given by the Supreme Court in CGIT case.
At the conclusion of the above discussion, Delegation put forth before the Management on the status of the following pending demands:­
i) 5 Days Week
ii) One more Option for Pension. Management admitted that there is no progress on the above issues.
iii) 2014­15, 2015­16 Bonus for eligible employees. Management informed that they are still awaiting instructions from the Ministry on this,
since they have answered all the queries long back as required by them.
iv)  On ‘Sign­out’ instructions where 2 factor biometrics has been implemented.
Management acknowledged the Protest Letter given by All India Life in this regard and
in reply tried to give a feeling that it is only connected for availing the meal coupon and so
‘Sign out’ requirement should be taken in a positive spirit.
However, Delegation refused to buy the Management’s justification and argued that
Management should refrain from implementing it, since it amounts to mistrust on the matured
employees of the Corporation.