CGIT Process – Circular Issued by AILIEA GENERAL SECRETARY, Shri Manohar Veigas


To: All Zonal/Divisional Units:

Dear Friends,
Sub: Process of Short-listing the candidates by ZO/DO with regard to CGIT case.

​We are being informed by our Zonal Units that the process of segregating and scrutiny of data has already been started in most of the Divisional Units, under the supervision of the ZO representatives.
​However, doubts are being raised over the non-transparency of this whole exercise being undertaken by the Management. It is very clear that this implementation process has been initiated as a “face saving” measure in response to the Contempt Petition filed by us in the Supreme Court on 08.05.2017. Equally, conditions and restrictions levied in this implementation process, clearly exposes the lack of sincerity in implementation of Honorable Supreme Court Judgment dated 09.08.2016.
​In the name of confidentiality, the ZO/DO Management is refusing to share the data & lists even with the Petitioners, which raises several questions unanswered. In wake of this development, All India Life will go ahead with the Contempt Petition filed in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is due to re-open on 03.07.2017 after the vacation holidays.
​Meanwhile, All India Life would once again be resubmitting its main list and a new supplementary list to the Honorable Supreme Court and likewise would be placing its various objections over the manner in which Management has sought to implement the Judgment. All India Life remains committed to this case till the Supreme Court Award is implemented with all sincerity.
​Thanking you.
Manohar Veigas
General Secretary AILIEA