Diamond Jubilee Memento/Bonus to Employees

The Executive Director (Personnel)
L.I.C of India
Central Office

Dear Sir,

Sub: Diamond Jubilee Memento/Bonus to Employees,
We extend our Greetings to you on the occasion of Insurance Week.
We are celebrating the 61
st Anniversary of our proud Institution. L.I.C of India
has a legacy where the Policy-holders & LICians witnessed memorable occasions of
Silver Jubilee, Golden Jubilee & Diamond Jubilee being celebrated by rewarding
them. However, we are strongly let down by the Management’s inability to announce
the Diamond Jubilee Memento/Bonus for its employees during the entire Diamond
Jubilee Year.
In our recent follow up on the above issue, while submitting our Charter of
Demands on 1st August 2017, we were assured by the Top Management of an
announcement very soon. In fact, we were looking forward for the same at least
during the close of the Diamond Jubilee Year. But sadly, we have yet to hear from
the Management and this has actually affected the morale of the employees amidst
the joy & happiness of celebration.
We seriously urge upon the Management to speed up the matter in this regard
so that the Brand Ambassadors to the largest policyholders in the World is duly
recognised though bit late. Equally, other pending benefits need to be delivered to
the employees, whose patience has already been well tested.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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