अस्थाई कर्मचारी

प्रबंधन ने सूचित किया है कि सर्वोच्च न्यायालय आदेश दिया है उन दैनिक अस्थाई कर्मचारियों का विनियमतिकरण किया जाय जो सर्वोच्च न्यायालय में वादकारी थे।
प्रबंधन ने संकेत दिया है कि वादी जन के संदर्भ में विचार करेगा।

CGIT update

On Temporary Assistants working on continuous basis, Management informed that Supreme Court has given a clear Order for giving employment to those employees who are petitioners in the Supreme Court. Regarding CGIT case, Management said that it is not sure as to whether the Curative Petition filed would be accepted but hinted that they are ready to honour the verdict for employment without revealing details but might restrict to Petitioners.

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Opinion Poll on TMP ( Transfer Mobility Policy Proposed by LIC )

You are well aware that, LIC Management is seriously trying to implement TMP .
We have decided to take an Opinion Poll on this subject.
There are 5 questions and each question has Three Options. You have to choose one option.

1)     Whether Proposel of TMP is essential in LIC Industry?
Yes                       No                        Not Sure

2)    Do you think if TMP is imposed by LIC Management, Then the servicing shall improve to reasonable great extent?
Yes                       No                        Not Sure

3)    Whether Promotional Avenues be raised by such Proposal of TMP ?
Yes                       No                        Not Sure

4)    Do you want to support TMP for Employees in LIC?
Yes                       No                        Not Sure

5)    Do you feel Recruitment is  more just & Perfect instead of TMP etc.in LIC ?
Yes                       No                        Not Sure