In today’s hearing in the CGIT case in Hon’able Supreme Court, the court after viewing the counter filed by LIFE union and others, directed as below:

“LIC will appoint a senior officer who will invite applications by way of notification, for all those employees who have worked between      20/03 1985 and 4/3/1991. The workmen’s  application will be submitted through UNIONS along with affidavit. The exercise undertaken by LIC on these applications and the report there on will be submitted to the court by 21st August, 2018.

The case of employees who have worked beyond the date of 04/03/1991, still stands under consideration in the Supreme Court. “

The hearing was attended by Attorney General Shri Venugopal on behalf of LIC.

ALL India Life Insurance Employees Association and Delhi Unit of All India LIFE was represented by Shri S.S.Jain and Shri. Kandwal.