Today as decided by the Joint Front, more than 1000 activists & members of Joint Front unions marched to Yogakshem to show  strength of unity & display their resentment on the unilateral imposition of 2nd & 4th Saturdays off.

Management immediately took cognizance of the massive demonstration & invited the Joint Front of 10 unions to meet & discuss on issues.

We insisted  that the Chairman should address and answer the huge gathering instead of meeting only the representatives of the Joint Front. The Chairman agreed to it & along with all MDs & ED came to the 4th floor sports room which was jam-packed with employees. This happened for the first time in LIC’s history.

Initially MD Shri Hemant Bhargav briefed and assured support to resolve the issues.

MD Smt Usha Sangwan also interacted with the audience in between.

Later on Hon. Chairman Shri V. K. Sharmaji had a dialogue with all employees.

He apologized for being unable to fulfill the promised 5 Days Week(all Saturdays off)

In his speech following assurances were  given.

1) The demand for All Saturdays off is to be continued and management is with Joint Front of 10 unions to realise the same.

2) Managment will take follow up for the One More Option for Pension with Govt of India

3) Within next ten days, a meeting will be organised wherein representatives of 10 union’s Joint Front will be called for discussion on the issues.

4) The process of placing orders for new speedy & efficient servers has begun & within next three months, the replacement will start so that the system failure and excessive time consumption will be reduced.

5) Diamond Jubilee Incentive to be again placed &  discussed before Board of Directors for sanction.

6) Recruitment in class 3 & 4 to be initiated very soon and process to be completed in this year.

It was a great victory on part of the Joint Front (of 10  unions) in the history of LIC Trade Unions.

We thank everyone who wholeheartedly participated in the struggle and appeal to keep this strength unbeaten.

We also appeal to one and all that they should continue to  work within office hours on their own without the prodding of the Joint Front activists.