Dear Friends and stake holders,

LICI management has appointed an ED level officer to scrutinize the forms submitted by CGIT aspirants for absorption, those who have worked between October 1985 to 4th of March, 1991, as per Hon’able Supreme Court Orders of 11th May 2018.

This implies that the Corporation has started accepting applications from the aspirants and they will be scrutinized for deficiencies.

However the Corporation is yet to issue a formal notification  regarding the beginning of the process and it is our understanding that the spirit of the order is not being followed.

Some other unions which are not petitioners before the Supreme Court are trying to get half baked applications to be submitted, in their quest to gain popularity and in the process are ensuring that these applications would get out rightly rejected since the applicant needs to be a petitioner in CGIT case / Supreme court case or is appropriately represented by a petitioner organisation.

There need not be any panic regarding submission of the forms as LIC has not formally notified the same and secondly the date of next hearing is on 21.08.2018, by which time All India LIFE  leadership will definitely update its members and cadres and provide all support at Central, Zonal and Divisional headquarters to CGIT aspirants.

It is there fore advised to be cautious in one’s approach in submitting their applications and wait a few more days so that more clarity may emerge in the case.