In today’s hearing in the CGIT case in Hon’able Supreme Court, the court after viewing the counter filed by LIFE union and others, directed as below:

“LIC will appoint a senior officer who will invite applications by way of notification, for all those employees who have worked between      20/03 1985 and 4/3/1991. The workmen’s  application will be submitted through UNIONS along with affidavit. The exercise undertaken by LIC on these applications and the report there on will be submitted to the court by 21st August, 2018.

The case of employees who have worked beyond the date of 04/03/1991, still stands under consideration in the Supreme Court. “

The hearing was attended by Attorney General Shri Venugopal on behalf of LIC.

ALL India Life Insurance Employees Association and Delhi Unit of All India LIFE was represented by Shri S.S.Jain and Shri. Kandwal.


A meeting was organized in Kolkata by the LIFE, kolkata unit for the benefit of the Temporary, Badli , part time workers of Eastern Zone. Our very own Shri S.S.Jain, who is an encyclopedia unto himself in the matter of CGIT case and has so far successfully defended the workmen in the Supreme Court, traveled all the way from New Delhi to address the meeting. He was welcomed by the LIC fraternity & workmen for his immense contribution to the organisation and particularly to the Delhi LIFE units as a Coordinator of the Divisional Offices.

He outlined the entire history of the NIT, CGIT, High Court and Supreme Court legal battles and brought to the knowledge of all present how LIFE, All india & Delhi Units had relentlessly fought for the workmen. He also answered with great patience to all the queries which were raised by the claimants present.

His entire speech has been recorded and shall be put on you tube channel of LUCKNOW LIFE for every one to benefit.


The meeting at Kolkata being addressed by the LIFE office bearers.


AIL 212017 (3)
To: All Zonal/Divisional Units:

Dear Friends,
Sub:- Our meeting with the Executive Director (Personnel) , LIC of India,
Central Office, Mumbai regarding implementation of the directions
given by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in CGIT case.


We would like to inform you that a delegation of our Association consisting of S/Sh. Manohar Viegas, Kalapi Desai and S.S. Jain, General Secretary, Vice-President and General Secretary of Co-Ordination committee Delhi respectively met with the LIC Management represented by Sh. Sharad Shrivastva, ED(P) assisted by two other senior officers at 11.30 am on 25/05/2017.
We wanted to know from the management regarding the implementation of the directons given in the judgment by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India for absorption of Temporary, Badli and Part time employees who have worked in LIC starting from 20/05/1985 till the date of the judgment i.e., 09/08/2016. Management said,” you have already filed a contempt petition against us.” to which we said since you have not cared to reply the legal notice and demand notice served by us , so much so even our Association has not been taken in confidence in this matter , nothing has been shared so far with us by the management, so we were constrained to file the contempt petition before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. Our main petition was decided by the Supreme Court of India in our favour thus conceded all our demands as enumerated in our main petition. We further told that the review petition and curative petition as filed by the Management were also dismissed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court. Workers covered in this case are very much agitated since for more than three decades have already gone when the case was raised and filed for adjudication. The copy of the contempt petition was served to the LIC advocate dully acknowledged.
Management informed us that lists of all candidates who have worked as Temporary, badli and part time during the period from 20/05/1985 to 04/03/1991 have already been sent to all the LIC Zonal Offices. They are scrutinizing these lists. It was very specifically conveyed by the management to our delegation that the lists of candidates who have been represented by the parties before the Hon’ble Supreme Court only will be entertained. The management has specifically stated further that the applications received in the Central Office from the workers in response to the advertisement given by the management on 31/07/2015 will be entertained as per rules.
On behalf of our Association in very strong words management was told that the said stand of the management is not acceptable to us. It was also pointed out that had the aforesaid action could be legally binding then the matter would have been over then & there itself. What was the necessity thereafter for the management to file the review and curative petitions before the Hon’ble Supreme Court which were both dismissed. We stressed that all workers represent by us from 20/05/1985 to 09/08/2016 have to be absorbed unconditionally. Management continues to take a stand that they are acting as advised by their advocates.
Our meeting concluded with the assurances given by the management that our Association will be taken in confidence and the informations relating to the case will be shared with us after the management has come to some conclusion.
We have informed the management that we are likely to submit a supplementary list of workers who are members of our Association.
Management knew it well that it is only and only our Association who raised an Industrial Dispute in this matter.

Manohar Veigas
General Secretary,