In today’s hearing in the CGIT case in Hon’able Supreme Court, the court after viewing the counter filed by LIFE union and others, directed as below:

“LIC will appoint a senior officer who will invite applications by way of notification, for all those employees who have worked between      20/03 1985 and 4/3/1991. The workmen’s  application will be submitted through UNIONS along with affidavit. The exercise undertaken by LIC on these applications and the report there on will be submitted to the court by 21st August, 2018.

The case of employees who have worked beyond the date of 04/03/1991, still stands under consideration in the Supreme Court. “

The hearing was attended by Attorney General Shri Venugopal on behalf of LIC.

ALL India Life Insurance Employees Association and Delhi Unit of All India LIFE was represented by Shri S.S.Jain and Shri. Kandwal.


We feel pleasure in sharing our feed back on the response to the contempt petition served by LIFE General Secretary Shri Manohar Veigas upon the LIC management on 08/05/2017. Pursuant to the petition, LIC begun the process of absorption although in a manner in which utter chaos and ambiguities, anomalies abound. Those who waited for a period of more than three decades are being once again denied their rightful employment simply by putting irrelevant and ambiguous conditions for eligibility as a candidate for absorption as per the orders of the Honorable Supreme Court. The entire exercise by LIC management is against the spirit and soul of the Judgement, which says that permanent employees should be recruited to execute jobs of permanent nature in the corporation.
We have been receiving thousands of queries from country wide regarding the procedure to be adopted and we have also tried our best to define the procedure and other modalities as shared by zonal authorities of different zones to our zonal office bearers.
We also are awaiting the written notification from LIC Management for further action on the absorption issue. Till any written communication is received by LIFE we have to wait patiently before any more updates.
However it is requested that the Bio data form on this website be filled either online or downloaded and sent offline to enable us to assess the candidate’s claim to employment and provide adequate and necessary support where required.
The response to the initiative of LIFE in the CGIT case has been overwhelming and we are thankful to all of you for it.

Azhar Jamal Siddiqui
Divisional Secreatry, Lucknow.

LIC pensioners case-SC judgment

Despite the SC orders to deposit the amounts in courts for payment to the petitioners, LIC plays foul, uses dilatory tricks, seeks repeated adjournments , feigns non-availability of counsels on due dates to drag the suits to all possible extents. Needless to say, these skills are an inseparable part of our Democratic Justice Delivery System.

LIC deposited amounts in courts based on  DR anomaly only by excluding element of consequent revision of Pension. This resulted in more appeals, notices, rejoinders and dates and more dates consuming a period of more than 2 years without any visible result.

Accumulation of appeals and further hearings in Supreme Court led to an order dated 7-5-15 by SC, which directed that as an ad-interim measure, LIC shall release 20% of the amount as per the impugned judgments pertaining to the High Court, in favor of the respondent employees within six weeks hence, subject to final result in the appeals.The next hearing  was fixed for 23rd Sept15. In the background of these sequence of events, SC pronounced the latest verdict on 31st March 16.

Important directions of the latest Supreme court decisions are:
  1. Set aside the orders passed by the HCs of Rajasthan, Delhi and P&H  and transfer  the writ petitions from the High Courts of Rajasthan and Punjab & Haryana to the High Court of Delhi,
  2. HC of Delhi  to decide the constitutional validity of Para 3A of the Appendix to the Rules, by Aug. 31,16.
  3. Directed LIC to pay IR 40% ( which was  20% earlier ) as per Para 3A of the Appendix  within six weeks and shall file an affidavit to the said effect.
  4. Orders reg item 3 applicable to the ‘similarly placed persons’.
  5.  SC observed the resolution passed by LIC board could not have been given effect to without framing a rule by the Central Government.

Nevertheless, Supreme Court judgment of 31-3-16 is evoking mixed responses. There is a lurking fear that courts may or may not  uphold the arbitrary and hyper technical authority of M/o  Finance, in the name of rules and acts.

It is high time that Government of India  considers sympathetically the  plight of the pensioners in financial institutions owned by them. The moot point for consideration ought to  be whether pension updation as being done for decades in case of  Central Government employees whose scheme of pension is also linked with CPI is valid in principle, and if so, there should be  no reason to deny the same to other similarly placed persons. Why refuse to allow others what you  get by virtue of  proximity to the system and authority to  invoke and frame technical rules. We are also suffering the same fate and game plans at the hands of M/o finance .

The constant fighting spirit of the septuagenarians is exemplary and praiseworthy. This long drawn battle by LIC Pensioners may conclude by Sept. 16, all other things remaining the same. We salute their resolve to fight till end.

Let us wait and see where the fight initiated by a single LIC retiree in 1998 leads to. We hope and pray that the result will be a shot in the arm not only for the LIC pensioners but all ‘similarly placed persons’ in other financial institutions.

Wishing A Victory for the LIC pensioners!

SC to LIC: Pay 50% wages back to sacked employees

The Supreme Court has directed the LIC of India to pay 50% wages to administrative assistants and several other temporary workers which the corporation hired and fired them after availing their services for 84 days.

The apex court also directed the corporation to absorb all ex-employees who still have the age to render services. This practice of hiring temporary workers has been there in the LIC from 1985 onwards.

Following a three deca de old prolonged legal battle by All India Life Insurance Employees Association and also the Tamil Nadu terminated full time temporary LIC employees association, the apex court has now ruled unequivocally in the favour of the terminated employees.

The Supreme Court found fault with LIC’s ways of filling posts on temporary basis when there is a continuous need to have them. According to the Natio nal Federation’s general secretary Rajesh Nimbalkar, the SC order would help more than 8,000 employees of both class 3 and class 4 categories. A huge chunk of them are from AP and Telangana.

While the judgement was given by a bench headed by Justice Gopala Gowda, the review filed against it and the curative petition by LIC management seeking reversal of this order was dismissed by Supreme Court’s three judge bench headed by Chief Justice J S Khehar.