Dear Friends,

You are aware that our Agitation Program of No Extra Co-operation entered the fourth
day. Today, in the afternoon, ED (P), Shri Sharad Shrivastva, on behalf of Management called
on the Representatives of the Joint Front and expressed his desire to meet them at 3.45 p.m.
Executive Director (P) appealed the Representatives to withdraw the agitation in view
of the March Closing Business, which has been affected. In response to the appeal made,
Representatives openly expressed that there was lack of commitment & transparency on part
of the Management with regard to the common issues. The Representatives also regretted
that the Chairman did not felt it necessary to mention at least on the long pending assurance
of 5 Days Week. This has made the employees restless since their patience was ignored.
ED (P) on behalf of Management briefed the efforts being done and informed that Shri
Hemant Bhargava, Managing Director has pleaded our case strongly in the Department of
Financial Services very recently. He once again appealed to the Joint Front to withdraw the
ongoing agitation. However, the Joint Front refused to give any commitment.
In the meanwhile, the agitation will continue with the same vigor as earlier. The
Central Leadership of the Joint Front appreciated the sincere efforts taken by the Zonal &
Divisional Leaders in mobilizing the employees during this agitation program. It may be noted
that All India Life and other constituents of Joint Front individually have served 31st March
mass casual leave Notice to the Chairman on 16.03.2017 itself.
All India Life Long Live! Joint Front Unit Long Live!