Cir. No.17/2017 30.03.2017
To: All Zonal/Divisional Units:
Dear Friends,

We are pleased to share with you the developments that took place today. Since morning, Management engaged the Joint Front in discussions and earnestly made an appeal for withdrawal of the agitation program. This was the third meeting with the E.D.(P) since last week. However, Joint Front reiterated that management represented by Chairman/MD, should assure
the Joint Front about its seriousness in the matter. During the noon hours, Managing Director, Shri Hemant Bhargava invited the Joint Front and also asked ED(P), Shri Sharad Shrivastav, Smt. Tarni Hindoyar, Chief (P) & Shri M.C. Chaturvedi, Secretary (ER) to be present in the discussion.
At the outset, the Managing Director informed the Representatives of Joint Front that the top Management Of icial had personally informed the Finance Ministry during their visit to Delhi
last week itself about the ongoing agitation of the Joint Front in LIC. They have also requested the Finance Ministry to take up the 5 Days Week issue on priority basis. With Regard to the Final
Option for Pension, it was informed that Management is in touch with the Government and would be informing the Joint Front in the matter. Regarding TMP, Joint Front Representatives made it
clear that they were against the implementation of the same and the Associations have given their feedback likewise to the Management in the past. Hence, Management should respect the
feedback of the Associations. Management noted the same.
Managing Director then requested the Joint Front to withdraw the agitation program since
Management assures to do the needful. However, Joint Front expressed that Management
should give their assurances and appeal in writing, which can only enable them to reconsider
their decision. Management by early evening, addressed to the General Secretaries of the
various constituents of the Joint Front and in writing gave their assurances and appealed for withdrawal of all agitations in the interest of the Corporation.
The Joint Front Representatives subsequent to the written appeal by the Management had a review meeting and later unanimously decided to suspend the agitation program.

Friends, I take this opportunity to thank all our leaders at Zonal/Divisional Units for their untiring efforts since the 20
th March 2017 by co-coordinating with the Joint Front at your level and
holding various gate-meetings and educating the members.
You may very much be aware that in the beginning of this year itself, All India Life took these issues very seriously, particularly with regard to TMP. Your General Secretary met E.D.(P)
on 18th January 2017 and expressed serious concern on the Management’s lack of Information Sharing on issues related to employees benefits and on the other side was unilaterally active in
bringing out the policies which were not in the interest of the employees and detrimental to the Corporation.
All India Life on its own began the Batch Wearing Program on 25th January 2017
especially against TMP and demanding 5 Days Week as per GIPSA pattern. All India Life was invited by NOINO who made ef orts in forging a Joint Front which would challenge the
Management’s lethargic attitude on 5 Days Week notification, on demand for one more Option for Pension and against TMP. All India Life at the time of Invitation by NOINO, had option to align
with so called prominent Associations, who pretend sleeping on the employees benefits & issues thereby co-operating with that Management who only claim to have done “follow-up” during last
17 months. They were not interested in joining this neither Joint Front nor take initiative on common lines. But All India Life displayed the courage of joining and strengthening hands with the genuine forces, which were equally, concerned about the LIC employees. Also All India Life leadership could have played safe just orally playing with the emotions of the members but it mustered courage to challenge the management and resort to Strike if necessary along with the
Joint Front, come what may rather than continue to remain in the cocoon. The decision would not have been a popular one, given the increasing self-centric attitude among the employees/members. This is unfortunate in spite of serious challenges posed by various
anti-employees policies and no assured benefits forthcoming even after being patience for over 17 months, as a result our next charter will be getting due in couple of months. But your All India
Life leadership was ready to do its job, even if it meant for criticism, since the principles for what an Employees’ Association stands for cannot be compromised, when all options were exhausted during this long one and half year period.
Friends, we have made a healthy beginning. Today, All India Life stands tall. We have now to educate our members how All India Life stands on principles and hence we should be
prepared for any agitation or sacrifice, at times, if our purpose has to be achieved. Leaders should also be prepared to walk the talk, for leading the Association like ours in a respected way.