All Praise to Jalpaiguri Division for hosting a Successful & Memorable 25th Biennial Conference Hearty Congratulations to New Office-Bearers & W.C. Member

Dear Friends

At the outset, I thank you all for re-electing me unanimously as your General
Secretary for one more term and giving me an opportunity to work with the newly elected
President, Shri M.P. Mittal & Working President, Shri Kalapi Desai.
I also congratulate our newly elected Office bearers & Working Committee Members.
Infact , we had detail deliberations on Organising matters and other important issues in a
very conducive environment. All this was possible because of the best arrangements in
place managed by the Jalpaiguri Host Division. It is remarkable to note that they have put
all their resources from manpower to finance to make this mega event a success. The only
set back for the Host Division was the receipt of Donation from various Units, which led to
the deficit. This matter was brought to light during the concluding agenda under any other
matters. I am equally happy to note that many Units voluntary came forward and assured
their  best possible contribution towards the same.
After the conclusion of the Biennial Conference on 8th November,2017 late evening,
Myself and our Treasurer, Shri Walter Martis along with the Office-bearers and Treasurer of
Jalpaiguri Units at together and reconciled the total defici twhich amounted to Rs.2,87,000/-.
We asked the Jalpaiguri Unit to honour the deficit dues from their own personal source till
the amount is made good by the Units, which they agreed to with a condition that
contribution from various Units should reach Jalpaiguri Unit Bank Account by 20th November
Meanwhile, I am pleased to note that following Units had assured the House that
they would remit the following amount to make good the deficit.

1.Ahmedabad 50,000/-
2.Agra 50,000/-
3.Surat 25,000/-
4.Bongaigaon 20,000/-
5.Guwahati 20,000/-
6.Kolkata 10,000/-
7.Jorhat 10,000/-

From the above, we are assured to receive Rs.1,85,000/-.The amount of the
Unit’s contribution will be added to their total Donation contribution to the Biennial
Conference. The Finallist of Donation Contributed by various Units would be put upon
01.12.2017.However, we still have a deficit of nearly Rs.1,00,000/-. Hence, I request other
Units and the above Units (especially Guwahati & Jorhat) to contribute little more so that
we would be able to wipe out the deficit once for all.
Your contribution should be deposited to the following Bank of Jalpaiguri
Division at the earliest under intimation to them.
Life Insurance Employees’ Association
United Bank of India
Branch: Maskalaibari
Thanking you.

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